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Homeless Prevention sub-committee (new Homeless Prevention fund weblink!)

meets 3rd Thursday 4:00pm @ location TBD


The Homeless Prevention Subcommittee addresses Recommendation #1 of the 10-Year Strategy to End Homelessness for Ventura by implementing "homeless prevention programs ... that will prevent at least half ... of the ... households who become homeless each year from becoming homeless; and a community outreach and education campaign that raises awareness about households at risk of becoming homeless and provides information about resources available through homeless prevention programs.

The Subcommittee has developed the Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund (VHPF) as a way to prevent families living in the City of Ventura from becoming homeless due to an extraordinary set back such as a robbery or an unexpected car repair. Details and donation information are available in English and Spanish. Additional details are in an article and an Op-Ed piece from the Ventura County Star.

The Subcommittee also works on methods to help landlords, property managers, tenants and homeowners to prevent homeless situations from developing.

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