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Housing Options in the City of Ventura

this list is constantly being updated - if you see errors, omissions or additions please click here to let us know


Cabrillo Economic Development 805.659.3791
 - Eligibility criteria:
El Patio Hotel 805.643.9703
 - Eligibility criteria:The units are furnished efficiency studios each with its own bathroom, mini fridge, sink, and microwave.  Rent is $600, unless the person is referred through VCBH, then it would be $450.  We currently have 10 vacant units (2 of which are for VCBH referrals), but we have several applications that we are processing at this time.  If someone is not able to be get one of the currently vacant units, but are eligible for the property, they will be put on a waitlist.  Also, although they are single rooms, we do have 2-3 larger units that  could accommodate a couple or single parent with a small child (but no pets).
application flyer english app. checklist spanish app. checklist
Home Share   805.477.7324, ask for Murial Steiger
Homeshare is a program that matches persons in need of an affordable place to live with homeowners with extra rooms.  Homeshare is not an emergency housing program as the application, interview and background check process may take some time.
 - Eligibility criteria: There are no income eligibility requirements for persons who wish to apply.

Housing Authority, City of Ventura

805.648.5008 | 995 Riverside Street, Ventura 93001

805.647.5990 | 11122 Snapdragon Street Ventura, CA  93004

- Eligibility criteria: Household gross income may not exceed 50% AMI based on the household size.  Voucher holders will pay between 30% and 40% of their household income for rent. Public housing, Section 8 and non-profit wait list is open. Average wait time for is approximately five years.


Income Limits

Khepera House 805.653.2596

- Eligibility criteria: Adult males with substance abuse problems.  Can accommodate some co-occurring disorders.  No convictions of arson or child abuse. 

Kingdom Center 805.643.7675 | 837 E Thompson Blvd

- Eligibility criteria: No alcohol or drug use for 9 months to 1 year or coming out of a alcohol/drug program, no felony convictions for prior 7 years, obtain a job or enter a job training program within 3 months of occupancy, attend the services of the organization sponsoring the room (or your room’s sponsor).


Project Understanding

Provides helpful reception center, emergency food pantry, basic services (shower, laundry, mail/message center, medical help, tutoring program, help to secure housing or keep from losing housing. SHORE is fifteen units of permanent supportive housing where families and individuals will find the support they need to make the full transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

- Eligibility criteria: very low income homeless families, no alcohol abuse for 2 years, obtain employment within 90 days


The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army TLC is a drug-free transitional living program that houses single women and families.  The primary goal of this program is to assist residents in saving money for permanent housing while receiving supportive services in areas such as substance abuse, parenting, counseling, life skills, and case management.  Residents must be able to work and/or work and attend school, be drug-free, remain medication-compliant, pass a background process, and be pro-active in their program participation.
 - Eligibility criteria: single woman or woman with a family who is be able to work and/or work and attend school, be drug-free, remain medication-compliant, pass a background process, and be pro-active in their program participation.
The Salvation Army Safe Sleep Program 805.648.5032
The Safe Sleep Program is a place for people to live temporarily in their automobiles while actively looking for income and housing.
- Eligibility criteria: Unrestricted driver license, car registration in participant's name, car insurance in participants name.
Teen Challenge  
 - Eligibility criteria:

Turning Point Foundation


Supplies shelter, supported housing and rehabilitation programs, to address the critical community support needs of mentally ill adults.

 - Eligibility criteria:

SHORE at the WAV 175 S Ventura Avenue

Intake process:

Through the Section 8 wait list.  Contact the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura for a pre-application

- Eligibility criteria: Very Low Income persons or households transitioning out of homelessness

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