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Miscellaneous Documents

~ NAEH 2016  
~ A Roof for All Factsheet 1/16  
~ Urban Initiatives on Homelessness and Poverty - Low Barrier and Housing  
~ Defining chronic Homeslessness  
Guide to COC Housing and Services Planning Process  
Residential Allocation Program 9/15  
Shelter Crisis in LA 11/15  
United Way: Struggling to Get By  
April 2015 Homeless Count  
Partners for Change PATH 10/8/15  
Draft Resolution 8/15  
Sept 2015 VCWF flyer  
Food Accessability  
Food Needs Form  
VSSTF Position Paper on Housing Allocation Program  
Primary Points of Registration
California Housing Talking Points Summer 2015  
Ventura Written Standards  
COC presentation 6/15  
Ventura-Oxnard VASH Referral Form  
Forever Found handouts  
Recalibrating for Results  
6/18/15 COC Meeting minutes  
List of Subcommittees as of 4/1/15  
Ventura County COC Assessment Implementation  
Harvest to Home Invite  
Laura's Law Document from Mary Haffner  
Principles in the recalibrated 10-year Plan to End Homelessness  
Homelessness Philosophy discussion topics 2/15  
Food Insecurity Powerpoint Video 2/5/14 from Food Share  
V C Mental Health Powerpoint 10/2/13  
Homeless Resources  
V C Behavioral Health COC 10/2/13  
2013 Homeless Count  
June 2013 VSSTF Vote on 10-year Strategy to End Homelessness  
A Position Paper from Downtown Clergy Council: How to Make the Influence of the Service Community Stronger than the Influence of the Streets!  

Costs associated with 1st time homelessness


On the Margin


Prevention Companion guide 7-09


VSSTF Strategic Planning 4-22


Board of Supervisors One-time funding 4-6-10


VCStar article by Kathleen Wilson


Strategies to Address Community Issues Related to Homelessness in Santa Barbara

Funds: 2010 Community Outreach


Funds: Education


VSSTF Granting Application 2011


Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness Brief 2011

Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness Profiles of Risk

Employment, Affordable Rent, and Willingness to Share Housing among Ventura County’s Homeless Population

Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010

Letter to City Council

VSSTF Pledge

Rapid Re-Housing Guide 7-09

VSSTFSC responsibilities

Board of Supervisors Agenda 4-6-10

Planning Commission Staff report 4-6-10

Funds: 2010

2010 Food Coordinator Grant

NAEH 2011 Conference report

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