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DATELINE: December 2021 (click to download)

The County Board of Supervisors approved the following projects during this month’s meeting:
  • A land lease with Many Mansions and the Area Housing Authority of the County of Ventura for the purpose of developing 49 units of affordable senior housing, with 24 units set aside for seniors experiencing homelessness.

  • A co-application with Peoples’ Self Help Housing Corporation and Community Development Partners/Mercy House to the State of California for No Place Like Home Funding to support 3 affordable housing developments with units set-aside as Permanent Supportive Housing for persons experiencing homelessness. Additionally, the board approved a local contribution of $1.6 million in County discretionary No Place Like Home Funding.

  • A co-application with Mesa Independent Living and Peoples’ Self Help Housing to the State of California for Homekey 2.0 funding to acquire, rehabilitate and potentially add tiny homes on a 10-acre property in the unincorporated areas of the county near Ojai to provide transitional housing for Transition Aged Youth (18-24) who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. The Board also approved a local contribution of $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds and HOME-ARP funding to this project.

  • The County’s HOME-American Rescue Plan Act Allocation Plan, which allocates approximately $3.9 million to supporting capital investment and operating subsidies for newly created units of housing, with a priority for units dedicated to persons experiencing homelessness.

  • Expansion of the Mobile Crisis Care Units and development of a Transitional Age Youth Rapid Response Team through a grant program with the California Department of Health Care Services. Mobile teams will provide crisis and non-crisis services throughout the County of Ventura.

  • The net result of the above actions supports the creation of 128 units of permanent supportive housing for persons experiencing or at-risk of homelessness; 98 units affordable to households at or below 60% the area median income; and between 8-11 transitional housing units for transition aged youth. “We typically see 5-10 units in new development set aside for special need populations such as people experiencing homelessness. The Board action is a very significant step forward in creating housing solutions that will help us in our regional progress to prevent and end homelessness,” said Tara Carruth, Countywide Continuum of Care Program Manager, County Executive Office.



Agenda for the Most Recent Regular Meeting

draft minutes to be approved

Agenda   1/5/22
Ventura Social Service Task Force
3:15 pm via Zoom:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81514995979
If you want to call in, dial (669) 900-9128, then 81514995979#
         I.            Call to order and welcome (Judy Alexandre)
       II.            Introductions (Judy Alexandre)
     III.            Approval of or changes to the Agenda for 1/5/22 (Judy Alexandre)
    IV.            Approval of or changes to the Minutes from 12/1/21 (Judy Alexandre) and thank you Rob March!
      V.            Financial update (Jan Schmutte)
    VI.            Follow up feedback and action needed re housing element:
a)       General Plan update (Kyler Carlson)
b)      Where we are with City Council and the Housing Element (Sonja Flores)
c)       Important dates for attending meeting and writing letters regarding Inclusionary Housing policy, pro-housing, and Housing Element update. (Sonja Flores)
d)      Other
   VII.            Goal review and next steps (Judy Alexandre)
a)       Housing implementation
b)      Gap services (substance misuse, storage, transportation, hygiene stations, hours of availability, safe parking, mobile phone charging, clothing distribution, legal concerns, communication re services). Need to prioritize.
c)       New strategic plan
d)      Needs to better serve the un-housed experiencing mental illness
 VIII.            Agency and city/county reports:
a)       City of Ventura: HOPE & Solutions Council Subcommittee, encampments, foul weather shelter, other (Rebecca Kofman, Council members Johnson and Halter)
b)      Continuum of Care: Project Homekey, grants, Point in Time count, other (Jenn Harkey)
c)       City Center, Tenderlife, foul weather shelter (Jim Duran)
d)      The Arch & Mercy House (Ingur Smuts)
e)      Homeless Prevention Fund and N. Ventura Ave, Highway 33 (Brian Brennan)
f)        Housing Authority of Ventura (Sonja Flores)
g)       Salvation Army (Sandra Meyer)
h)      County/HSA Homeless Services (Summer Ward)
i)        Independent Living Resource Center (Ella Moore)
j)        Step Up Ventura (Judy Alexandre or Mary Kerrigan)
k)       Other
Note each agency only has 2 min. to share updates and program that are specifically addressing homelessness as we have 13 programs represented.
     IX.            Legislative update (Pam Marshall) please read in advance of the meeting. Pam will answer questions.
       X.            Adjourn. Next meeting is Feb. 2, 2022 at 3:15pm via Zoom
Other meetings:
Hope & Solutions Council Subcommittee meeting: Jan 4 3pm via City of Ventura Webex
Faith Sub-committee Jan 21, 3pm at home of Judy Alexandre contact Kyler Carlson (kyler.s.carlson@gmail.com) for information
Housing Element hearings: Planning Commission 1/12/22; City Council 1/31/22
Inclusionary ordinance: Planning Commission 1/26/22; City Council 2/28/22
City Council goal setting 1/13/22

The mission of the Ventura Social Services Task force (VSSTF) is to create and implement an integrated community strategy to end homelessness in the City of Ventura. The goals of the VSSTF include

1. involving a broad cross section of the community, including representatives from elected officials, governmental agencies and departments, law enforcement, businesses, social service agencies, charitable foundations, faith-based organizations, community groups, pubic and private housing developers, homeless individuals and concerned citizens;

2. developing a common understanding of the root causes and circumstances of homelessness, how persons are affected, and the impact of homelessness on the community;

3. identifying current best practices to end homelessness;

4. developing and/or adopting strategic initiatives that identify measurable
objectives, timelines, responsibilities, budgets and sources of resources,
including funds.

Ventura's VSSTF is an inclusive, all-volunteer organization.  Everyone in our community is invited to join us around the table to craft the actions moving us to the day when "Everyone Has a Place".

We meet every 1st Wednesday of the month from 3:15-5:15 PM, at Family to Family, 303 N Ventura Ave

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