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6/18/19   The Truth About Homelessness in LA
6/18/19   War on Homelessness or War on Homeless?
6/4/19   Helsinki's Radical Solution to Homelessness
3/19/19   Emerging Crisis of Aged Homelessness
3/19/19   Aligning Affordable Housing Efforts with Action
3/19/19   Reuse by Shelters Helps People and Animals
5/19/18   Eviction + Homelessness: Prevention Research Report March 2018
5/18/18   Smaller Cities Housing
5/18/18   Utah End Homelessness with HOUSING FIRST
4/25/18   Chronic Homelessness: The Evidence Page
3/5/2018   Changing Punitive Shelter Rules to Simple Community Expectations
12/7/2017   HUD Homeless Report 2017
1/10/2018   "I can shut my door and I ain't worried about nothing" (From The Agenda @ Politico 1/10/18 
10/30/17   Guardian.com: OUTSIDE IN AMERICA
8/13/17   Criminal Justice and Disability
8/14/17   Pathways to Justice
8/14/17   Ventura County CoC Resolution to Declare a Homeless and Housing Crisis
7/6/17   California Senate OKs Real Estate Fee to Fund More Housing - Bill to go to Assembly
6/22/17   Hawaii: Largest Homeless Camp: rock bottom or refuge?
5/10/17   Ventura County Housing Needs: Rent and Poverty Crisis
2/28/17   Hawaii: Doctors could prescribe houses to the homeless under radical Hawaii bill
2/6/17   2016 State of Homelessness Report
2/1/17   Park Outreach (ctsy VENTURA BREEZE)
1/20/17   City of Ventura Proposed Zoning Change URL - click for detailed information
3/20/16   HOUSING FIRST: Dallas' new homeless housing first strategy
4/26/16   Grover Beach City Council Holds Special Meeting on Homelessness
2/8/16   California Senate Announces "No Place Like Home" Initiative
1/20/16   Cost of Homelessness
1/19/16   The Best Way to End Homelessness (The Atlantic, July 2015)
12/7/15   How Data is Ending Chronic Homelessness in Maine
6/15/15   California's new Vagrancy Laws
6/15/15   Home Not Found - Cost of Homelessness in Silicon Valley
5/6/15   Meet the outsider who accientally solved chronic homelessness
3/30/15   DC Unveils Plan to Reduce Homelessness
3/13/15   Living in a Storage Unit: How Common Is It?
3/8/15   California Eyes Right to Rest Act to stem criminalization of Homeless
3/6/15 Indianapolis passes law to protect homeless as movement gains steam
3/6/15   S F Plans to move entire homeless encampments into housing
3/4/15   Housing First approach works for homeless, study says
2/17/15   The Shockingly Simple, Surprisingly Cost-Effective Way to end Homelessness
2/16/15   CA Homeless Crisis Grows as State is Reluctant to Use Powerful Law
2/11/15   New Housing Complex for Homeless Veterans
2/11/15   One Man, His T-Shirts and an Honorable Mission to House Homeless Veterans
1/30/15   Far From Finished: Utah's 5-step Plan to Continue Helping the Homeless 
12/24/14   Pope Francis Celebrates Birthday by Giving Sleeping Bags to Homeless People
1/16/15   Tiny House Villages the Solution to Homelessness
1/14/15   New Orleans Becomes Latest City to end Chronic Veteran Homelessness
10/10/14   LA opens apartment complex for the homeless
10/6/14   Homeless Bill of Rights
9/22/14   New Yorker Magazine: Home Free?
9/17/14   Portland is About to Get Tons of Tiny Homes to Shelter the Homeless
9/5/14   Laura's Law implentation in Placer County
9/4/14   Laura's Law treatment trump tragedy
3/24/14 Charlotte's apartments for homeless savemoney
1/15/14   Utah on track to end homelessness by 2015
12/6/13   Hidden City
11/20/13   Video of Homeless Vet's makeover
10/22/13   Here comes the neighborhood
7/25/13   Ventura restaurants to raise funds to help homeless
4/5/13   Turning Point Our Place shelter changes
3/6/13   Homeless, poor in California can get free celphones
1/14/13   Eviction Day at the Ventura Riverbed cleanout
7/2/12   The promise of social impact bonds
6/25/12   The sharp decline in America's middle class
4/20/12   100,000 Homes Program comes to Ventura
3/31/12   omeless seek shelter after warming shelter closes
3/1/12   Eradicating arundo
3/12   Voices of Hope
1/24/12   Homeless Count
2/24/12   Ventura River Clean-up project
2/20/12   Star: City of Ventura says don't give to panhandlers
12/2/11 50 People find a warm place to sleep
12/7/10   Work begins on Ventura affordable housing complex
11/25/10   Ventura County comes together for Thanksgiving meals
11/10   Yes, She Can - local humanitarian Cindy Cantle strikes a perfect balance
5/20/10   Ventura County Grand Jury Report: Wheare are you sleeping tonight?
11/9/09   Report on the progress of the 10 Year Strategy to End Homelessness
7/9/09   Pilot program for the "Car Sleeping" ordinance
2/15/09   Making Waves - The Face of Homelessness
12/24/08   City Managers blog - Room at the Inn
3/10/018   Making Waves - web blog on Sherry Cash, volunteer with the homeless
10/14/07   V C Star - OpEd piece from former chair Karl Keller
10/3/07   V C Star - Kathleen Wilson on "safety nets"
4/19/07   V C Star - Everyone Has A Place
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