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The mission of the Ventura Social Services Task force (VSSTF) is to create and
implement an integrated community strategy to end homelessness in the City of

The goals of the VSSTF include

1. involving a broad cross section of the community, including representatives
from elected officials, governmental agencies and departments, law
enforcement, businesses, social service agencies, charitable foundations, faith-
based organizations, community groups, pubic and private housing developers,
homeless individuals and concerned citizens;

2. developing a common understanding of the root causes and circumstances of
homelessness, how persons are affected, and the impact of homelessness on the

3. identifying current best practices to end homelessness;

4. developing and/or adopting strategic initiatives that identify measurable
objectives, timelines, responsibilities, budgets and sources of resources,
including funds.

Ventura's VSSTF is an inclusive, all-volunteer organization.  Everyone in our community is invited to join us around the table to craft the actions moving us to the day when "Everyone Has a Place". We meet every 1st Wednesday of the month from 3:15-5:15 PM, at Family to Family, 303 N Ventura Ave

To donate online to the Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund click here

Local Resources for Ending Homelessness
to suggest corrections or updates, please email us here

FOR R.I.S.E. referrals click for downloaded referral form

Partners for Change—Together We Can End Homelessness

Follow up to March 12 event

October 8, 6:30-8:30 PM, Poinsettia Pavilion

Hear what other communities are doing to end
homelessness from our special guest: PATH (People
Assisting the Homeless). PATH operates 22 service locations
in high-cost California cities like ours, from San Jose to San
Diego. They are using national best practices to dramatically
reduce the number of people in those communities
experiencing homelessness.

Explore with a panel of local experts which solutions will
work best in Ventura and how we can move forward

Together we can end homelessness. Come find out how.
RSVP or questions: partnersforchangeventura@gmail.com

Sponsored by
the Faith Committee of the Ventura Social Services Task Force:
Informing, Motivating, and Mobilizing our Community

More info at: epath.org VSSTF.org

Agenda for the Regular Meeting -

draft minutes to be approved

The following 26 people are eligible to vote at October 7, 2015 VSSTF meeting based on having attended 3 out of last 5 meetings

Judy AlexandreNeal AndrewsJerry BreinerBrian BrennanSue BrinkmeyerPeter BrownKevin ClericiJim DuranElisabeth EgelkoTim HawkinsAmanda HerreraTim HockettJohn JonesSteven KarnazesCamilla LeeArlene MartinezKate MillsKathy PowellDave SchmutteJan SchmutteDebora SchreiberKarol SchulkinDoug StantonBen UnsethHolly WhitmoreDaniel Zapata Huerta


  I.        Introductions (name/agency/ and a very brief announcement if you have one)

  II.        Changes to and approval of agenda

 III.        Changes to and approval of minutes of 9/2/15

 IV.        Treasurers report

   V.        New business and items for discussion:

·         Discussion of collaboration. All items mentioned at the last meeting had to do with coordination of services. How do you want to do this? Is this meeting an appropriate place? What would it look like? How often would you want to address this concern? Is this a duplication of other meetings that now exist? How could it be different?

·         Follow up discussion re winter shelter and the Task Force desire for year round bridge with services. Any specific thoughts or actions that you want in response to this year’s plan? Response to meeting of the City council’s Homeless sub-committee on 9/24/15.

·         Letter sent in behalf of the Task force to the homeless sub-committee regarding “agendizing” our request. Letter is attached.

·         Update on Laura’s Law     Mary Haffner

 VI.        Oral Reports:

·         City of Ventura    Peter Brown

·         H2H update, current status, coordinated intake

·         One Stop   Kate Mills

·         HAS   Karol Shulkin

·         Homeless Prevention Fund   Brian Brennan

·         Other

·         Time to distribute written reports if not done already

VII.        VSSTF Sub Committee Reports

·         Faith subcommittee. Report on the Oct 8 Partners for Change Event (6:30-9:00 pm. Poinsettia Pavilion) Reservation made to partnersforchangeventura@gmail.com. Next committee meeting, Oct. 28, 2015  3:00 pm. Church of Christ, Bryn Mayr, Ventura 93003

·         Housing People Can Afford  Camilla Lettini, next meeting Oct. 19, 3:00 pm, Unitarian Universalist Church, Ralston St, Ventura 93004

·         Interim/Bridge Housing  Doug Stanton, next meeting is Oct. 20, 1:30 pm Orchard Community Church, Telephone and Placid, 93004

·         Education/Advocacy   Judy Alexandre (temp), next meeting is Oct27  3:00 pm. Unitarian Universalist Church   Date is not final.

VIII.        Reports from Agencies and Organizations that have not been reported previously

 IX.        Information Items

·         Partners for Change  Oct 8, 2015  6:30-9:00 pm Poinsettia Pavilion

·         Dependent Adults and Seniors that are Homeless or Experiencing Homelessness Nov. 9, 2015   VCAAA   9:30 am.

·         Oct 22, 2015  Faith in Action (Project Understanding) 6:30 pm. Poinsettia Pavilion

·         NAEH Training/Consultation thru the Continuum of Care   Nov. 14, 15. Attendance has been selected by the COC. Information will be available to other stakeholders after the event.

·         Oct 8, 2015   COC, Housing and Services committee,  10:00-12:00 am. VCCF building, Camarillo

·         Other

   X.        Other

Adjourn; next meeting is Nov. 4, 2015   Family to Family building 300 N. Ventura Ave#E, 3:15 pm.  Need person to volunteer to bring minutes and handouts for guests for the month of Nov., Dec., and Jan

Education and Advocacy - meets 3rd Tuesday of the month 3:30pm @ 914 Utica Avenue, Ventura
Housing Engagement / Sheltering - meets 3rd Tuesday 1:00 @ Orchard Church Library
Faith Community - meets 4th Wednesday 3:00PM @ Ventura Church of Christ, 5401 N Bryn Mawr
Homeless Prevention - meets 3rd Wednesday  1:00pm @ Salvation Army, 155 South Oak Street
Housing - meets 3rd Monday 3:30-5:00 @ Salvation Army Board Room, 155 S Oak Street

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